How Becoming a Mother of a Child With Severe Allergies and Eczema Change My Life

How Becoming a Mother of a Child With Severe Allergies and Eczema Change My Life

Giving birth to our second oldest and first son Aslan was a joy! He was born at home and labor was only two hours; talk about coming in hot. We bonded, rested, and began a life as a family of four.

On Day 2 of his life, we noticed that Aslan’s skin was not holding in moisture. We were putting baby lotion, oils, and we even went out to buy Aquaphor cream to see if this would help his skin to retain the moisture. All of our options worked temporarily and we headed down a long road of trying product after product to keep Aslan moisturized.

We knew something was different and tried explaining everything to our Pediatrician. Needless to say I left the office upset because she thought I was overreacting. Keep in mind, I bathe Aslan in cream, moisturizer and oil prior to our appointment. She kept going on about how he’s just a newborn and that I should be more watchful and relax, as if this was my first child. She also hit me with the infamous, “He’ll grow out of it, it's just a phase,” line. I reminded her that she sees our other daughter and that clearly there is a difference. She still proceeded to tell me not to jump to conclusions.

Within days, Aslan skin became more and more dry. At his next appointment, I decided to take him without any lubrication. “Oh dear,” were her exact words when she walked in and saw his skin. She was shocked and immediately stated that this was a problem and not normal. Ya think! This visit was the beginning of many doctors and specialists appointments, hospitalizations,  and medications to come.

At just 4.5 months, after weaning Aslan off of the breast, trying more than five (5) formulas, and against the doctors orders, we took Aslan off of formula and dairy. We began feeding him solids and nondairy milk. We found Ripple Pea Milk eventually and have used it for years. I'd love to tell you that finding Ripple saved us and made everything new but it did not as Aslan was allergic so much more than dairy. His allergies included: eggs, sesame, nuts, tree nuts, dairy, and 12 different dust mites. We also notice that he had sensitivities to petroleum, yes petroleum, sunlight, and grass and/or products sprayed on the grass.

With every discovery, we adjusted our lifestyle. We changed our body wash, dish soap, laundry detergent, lotions, and removed all fragrances from our home. We also had to adjust our outdoor times to early morning or one hour before dusk. Some adjustments were easy, others not so much but what was important was Aslan’s ability to live comfortably and enjoy his life.

As Aslan’s list of allergies grew, it became more and more difficult to find “convenient” foods to eat. His diet became very restrictive and he was growing tired of eating the same things. With three other young children, jobs, and a business, convenience was the name of the game but we quickly realized that this would not work for our family. I researched options for our son and looked into ways to substitute ingredients. Meal planning and prepping became a huge part of our lives and my Sundays.

It was such a relief to see our boy gradually improve. At times, he’d have a flare up due to his eczema and/or allergies but we could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Having a plan, sticking to homemade meals, keeping him lubricated, and diversifying his options made Aslan come alive. He was filled with joy, more expressive, and he played more!

We love breakfast in our home. We sit down and enjoy multiple meals a day together but breakfast is by far our favorite. Most breakfast foods are laden with dairy and we knew that creating alternatives for Aslan was crucial. We wanted to rid breakfast of the, “You can’t have that baby,” commentary and so Muffhens was born. 

Having a child and/or children with allergies can be challenging but there is nothing that you can’t do. So start meal planning and prepping and making a life with allergies more comfortable and delicious! I will share our breakfast recipes and other things pertaining to allergies, eczema, and asthma. My goal is to make living a life with allergies much easier for you. Many blessings to you and your family!

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